Ruby Cucumber Training in Chennai

Ruby Cucumber – A quick Introduction

Ruby Cucumber is a software testing tool that is used to test other software by the computer programmers. Basically, cucumber is the main testing tool. Since it is written in the Ruby language therefore it is known as Ruby Cucumber popularly. It is basically a behaviour driven development (BDD) framework or testing tool. Thus it runs the automated acceptance tests that are written in a BDD style. The simple language parser that is used under this testing tool is known as Gherkin. The main aim of this language parser is to specify the expected software behaviours in a logical language or manner so that the customers or audiences may understand it very well. With the help of Ruby Cucumber, the feature documentation written in business-facing text is executed. Originally, Cucumber testing tool was exclusively utilized for Ruby testing. Currently, it supports vast range and types of programming languages. It is done by using various implementations.

Career Opportunities with Ruby Cucumber

Since software is the heart of any types of automated devices therefore these need to be tested for their actions. With the help of Ruby Cucumber, the logical behaviours of the given automated software are tested for their correct accuracy. Also this testing tool helps in assuring that the customers or users of the given automated device may understand the line of action specified through logical language. Evidently, professionals that are well-trained in Ruby Cucumber and are well-versed with all its aspects are required to perform all such testing tasks.

Every now and then new software is being launched for appropriate working of the various types of automated devices. Even the automated devices or machines running on various types of software are also upgraded continuously for betterment. For most accurate and appropriate functions of such software, Ruby Cucumber testing tool becomes all the more important. It is because certain types of languages are used in the operations of all such software and the relevant devices. In simple words, there are vast ranges of career opportunities in this field. By pursuing Ruby Cucumber Training in Chennai, anyone may look forward to a bright future.

Best Place for Learning Ruby Cucumber

Ruby Cucumber Training in Chennai can be best pursued at Besant Technologies. We have the best IT trainers from reputable institutes from across India. They provide best training while covering all the aspects of the latest syllabus. We emphasize on both aspects of the training- theoretical as well as practical. We help the trainees to remain updated about any advancement in Ruby Cucumber Training. The knowledgeable trainers offer training in such a way that the students may come up as the brightest and most talented professionals in the concerned field. By getting Ruby Cucumber Training in Chennai, you can easily pass through even the toughest of interview rounds. It is because the Ruby Cucumber Training program at our institute is comprised of regular tests and exercises. It helps you to brush up the knowledge gained during each class. We aim at providing realistic knowledge and training so that you may clear all hurdles during your professional career in an easy manner.

Ruby Cucumber Training Syllabus

Why Cucumber

      • Automated Acceptance Tests
      • Behaviour-Driven Development
      • Living Documentation
      • How Cucumber Works

Gherkin Basics

      • What’s Gherkin For?
      • Format and Syntax
      • Feature
      • Scenario
      • Comments
      • Spoken languages

Step Definitions- Given,When,Then

      • Steps and Step Definitions
      • Capturing Arguments
      • Multiple Captures
      • Flexibility
      • Returning Results

Expressive Scenarios

      • Background
      • Data Tables
      • Scenario Outline
      • Nesting Steps
      • Doc Strings
      • Staying Organized with Tags and Subfolders

Support Code

      • Fixing the Bug
      • Bootstrapping the User Interface
      • Making the Switch
      • Using Hooks
      • Building the User Interface

Feature file

Configuring the java code behind the feature file

Multiple scenarios in a feature file

Regular Expressions


Running with Hudson – Continuous Integration

Configuring Maven for Cucumber project

Ruby Cucumber Training Batch Size

Regular Batch ( Morning, Day time & Evening)

    • Seats Available : 8 (maximum)

Weekend Training Batch( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

        • Seats Available : 8 (maximum)

Fast Track Batch

        • Seats Available : 5 (maximum)

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